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The circa 1878 Fridolin Hamma catalog shows he had 141 Violins, 13 Violas and 32 cellos. He had three Stradivari violins, one Stradivari viola, 1 Omobono Stradivari violin and 2 del Gesu Violins. All the prices written in German Marks. At that time it was worth $.25 so 10,000 Marks was $2500. These were all numbered from 2680 to 4986 each line starts with an inventory number then a year if known.

In the circa 1905 Fridolin Hamma and Company catalog they had 99 Violins, 12 Violas and 20 cellos, out of these they had five Stradivari Violins, one Stradivari cello and three del Gesu Violins.

In the circa 1910 catalog there were 70 violins, no violas listed and 16 cellos, showing four Stradivari violins, one Franciscus Stradivarius Filius Antonius violin and one del Gesu violin.

Violin History, Storia del Violino, Historia del ViolĂ­n, Histoire du Violon

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