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Lester DeVoe

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652 MM Scale 54 mm Nut. Original Bone nut and saddle, and New Ebony Button Schaller German Gears. Hardshell case.

Made in the early years of this legendary luthier, whose guitars have been played by Paco de Lucía, Sabicas, Vicente Amigo, El Viejín, Amir John Haddad and David Cordoba. Pavel Steidl and Pepe Romero play classical guitars by this maker. This guitar has a Very Fine Beautiful AAAA Solid Spruce Soundboard Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, Ebony Fret board. This instrument has a lot of volume, it is loud and balanced and has the growl. There are no cracks or repairs. The developed resonance of this instrument over several 1,000 hours has led it to be an opportunity for any player to exude their own duende on this musical vehicle. By the time this was made Paco de Lucia owned the several made especially for him by the luthier. This guitar has an incredibly fast attack, the notes jump out like firecrackers. The new price for a New undeveloped resonance model is: Indian Rosewood $8,900.00, and a 3 year waiting list.

Lester DeVoe Lester DeVoe Lester DeVoe Lester DeVoe Lester DeVoe Lester DeVoe
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