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Mario Novelli


650 mm Scale 52 mm Nut. Spruce and Maple. French Polish. 20 Frets. 7 Fan Braces and a Treble restricter with a bridge strap. This has a serrated kerfed liner attaching the sides to the top and back.

Master Guitarmaker, Mario Novelli was born in Florence, Italy in 1926. He began working as a luthier very early and it was of great importance for him to make all component parts of the guitar himself. That is why he did not only build and carve the guitar’s head and body, but also the machine heads and even the screws in laborious and time-consuming work.

Among the great classical guitarists of the world, his guitars are played and have been recorded by the likes of Bruno Giuffredi, Professor at the Conservatory music of NOVARA "Guido Cantelli" Italy. and "G.Regondi" guitar academy of Milan, Italy. Also Marco Carta played a 1983 for a time, Emanuele Addis, Davide Gemmo played a 2001 and 2004 for a time, videos on You Tube show the excellent virtuoso abilities that these players have attained.

The photo of Mario Novelli at his workbench is taken from the rare out of print book: Liutai in Italia by Gualtiero Nicolini, published in 2008.

Mario Novelli Mario Novelli Mario Novelli Mario Novelli Mario Novelli
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