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John Gilbert SOLD

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650 mm Scale 52 mm Nut. Cedar Soundboard and Very High Grade Indian Rosewood back and sides. Gilbert Gears and Gilbert Pin Bridge. This is an extremely open sounding instrument with as much volume as any player would desire.

No cracks.

After John Gilbert retired in 1994, he did repairs on my guitars that were for sale until he passed away in 2013, he would always drop off the instruments at my store, and I would be able to visit with the most inventive mind of all American guitar makers bar none. On one visit, John and I were talking and a customer drives up in a Mercedes Benz, gets out comes in and says "What's your least expensive guitar?" I replied $249.95. "Would you take $200 for it?" No, it's got a bone saddle replacing the plastic one like all the upgraded guitars that are sold here. "And you won't take $200 for it?" No. The attempted customer walks out, drives off, and comes back 20 minutes later, and says: "See, I just got this guitar at Goodwill for $40." I replied: Sir that's a 3/4 size guitar for a 7-13 year old student. "So what's your best price on that guitar?" $249.95. The 6 foot 2 inch tall guy walks out, and John Gilbert says: "Man, you really have to put up with a lot of guff, don't you."

Scottish guitar virtuoso David Russell bought 8 guitars from the Gilbert workshop and began to record with them in the early 1980's. Other players who own his instruments are: Earl Klugh, David Tanenbaum, George Sakellariou, David Leisner, Fred Hand and Raphaella Smits. This guitar has a most developed resonance of sound, created by its 2 previous owners. This is a published guitar, used by Marc Teicholz to record his Naxos CD: Sor: Guitar Music Opp. 13, 14, 15 a-c Divertimenti / Gran Solo. Marc Teicholz won the Guitar Foundation of America competition in 1989, and now teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for well over a decade. He is an extraordinary virtuoso who considers that there are 29 different volumes available to the real Classical Guitarist. I have seen him perform three times, solo and with a Symphony.

John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD John Gilbert SOLD
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