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Carlo Raspagni SOLD

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657 mm Scale, 54 mm Nut, Zero Fret Original Bone Nut and Saddle -we replaced the saddle to raise it to standard specifications, 4/32nds on the 1st string at the 12th Fret and 5/32nds on the 6th string, Fine to Medium grain Domed top Spruce Soundboard (incredible amount of Hazel Fichte cross grain, Indian Rosewood back and sides. French Polish.

This is Carlo Raspagni's top of the line Indian Rosewood instrument, known as such, because of the Domed Soundboard, though there is a more expensive Brazilian Rosewood model above this one.

Made in Vignate, Italy. In the ANLAI (ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE LIUTERIA ARTISTICA ITALIANA-Italian National Association of Artistic Lutherie) National Competition of Modern Guitar in 1961, Carlo Placed 2nd, behind Nicola de Bonis, in a field of 20 fine luthiers. He began his lutherie exploits with his uncle, Erminio Travi, from 1946-1951. He worked for the centuries old company Antonio Monzino from about 1951-1960.

The guitar has a Bridge Strap and five long Fan Braces, the transverse braces above and below the sound hole have Harmonic Bars - in the style of Antonio de Torres, the tall kerfing bands that attach the top and back to the sides are cut with small slits. The depth of the sides is deeper than Spanish Style - Upper Bout 107 mm, Lower Bout 112 mm. The guitar is attached to the neck with a Dovetail joint, like Hauser and Fleta.

Concert artists, Giulio Tampalini, and the composer / guitarist Daniele Magli (Daniele uses a guitar made in 1982.) use his concert instruments, there are many You Tube videos of Carlo Raspagni's guitars utilized by them. In the early 1960 famous singers began to use Carlo's guitars to accompany themselves. Giorgio Gaber played Raspagni guitars designed especially for him. Luigi Tenco bought the first guitar built by Raspagni and since then he has only played those for his entire career. And then Enzo Jannacci, Cochi and Renato, Adriano Celentano, Fabrizio De André, Lino Patruno, Caterina Valente, Tony Renis, Franco Mussida and many others commissioned him the guitars. In 1984 he donated a guitar, built with a maple body and a spruce table, to Pope John Paul II.

Carlo has had many students, Giovanni Giussani, his nephew -who was introduced to the United States market by Los Romeros, 25 years ago, we had 2 of Giovanni Giussani's guitars available in 1996. Fabio Ragghianti, Fabio Zontini, Mario Grimaldi and Maurizio Foti also studied with Carlo, not to forget Gianni Angelo Pedrini as well.

Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni Carlo Raspagni
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