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Enrico Piretti SOLD


650 mm Scale 54 mm Nut. Cedar Soundboard and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. French Polish. Signed, Stamped. Harmonic transverse bars as a part of the bracing system-resonance wise this produces the huge empty swimming pool affect, unbelievable sound, having worked with wood for over 45 years. Incredible esthetics.

Spectacular condition. Virtuoso Mario Gangi owned a Classical Guitar from this maker's workshop made in the same year. Enrico Piretti won 1st prize in the Cremona luthier competition in 1949. Enrico Piretti began making violins in 1926 at the age of 15, added Classical Guitars to his lutherie efforts. He also made the Highest Grade Archtop Style Guitars, he made instruments for all genres of professional musicians, his Violin and Cello instruments draw high prices at auctions. Many videos on You Tube.

Enrico Piretti Enrico Piretti Enrico Piretti Enrico Piretti Enrico Piretti
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