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Miguel Robles


655 mm scale, 52 mm nut, beautiful Fine to Medium grain Spruce Soundboard, high grade Flamed Maple. Signed July 16, 1968. This has 4 Cedar reinforcements on each of the Maple sides-that's why there aren't any cracks. Miguel Robles had been fabricating guitars for about 50 years when he made this gem. Original Gears, Original Bone Saddle and Original Bone Nut.

Miguel Robles - Born in 1902. In 1920 or 1922 he began his studies with Benito Ferrer. Later in 1932 with Ramirez in Madrid. After a falling out in 1938 or 1939 he returned to Granada. Ramirez, having much to lose, went to Granada to get Robles to come back to Madrid. That was in 1940. In the mid-40's he returned to Granada; and again to Madrid in 1954 to be associated with Manuel Martinez de Milan and Francisco Fernandez. In 1960 he was in Granada again where he died in 1970. Manuel Cano and the Trio Los Panchos played his guitars. It is also well known that jealous Madrid luthiers put their own labels in his guitars to bask in his glory. This information was initially listed on the internet in February of 1995 (my phone rang off the hook the following day.), by my student Roger ..... From Eusebio Rioja's book "Inventario de Guitarreros Granadinos 1875-1983". It was first published in 1976. My copy is a 3rd edition. Manuel Rodriguez says that in his second stint Miguel Robles worked for Jose Ramirez in Madrid from 1946-1950.

Miguel Robles Miguel Robles Miguel Robles Miguel Robles Miguel Robles Miguel Robles Miguel Robles
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