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Luigi Francavilla


635 mm Scale 51 mm Nut. Domed Spruce Soundboard and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. 5 fan braces, signed on the label, underneath the soundboard and on the inside center back strip. French Polish. Zero Fret.

Luigi Francavilla (1912-) was born in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, he was a student of Luigi Pieretti (1906-c. 1980).

It was Luigi Pieretti who was a student of Pietro Fantozzi (1876-1966)

Pietro was first a pupil of Raffaele Valente, then of Giuseppe Sgarbi (renowned world class violin maker). He opened the workshop in Rome in the via del Boschetto 123; he fabricated a great number of instruments as he also supplied many to the Luigi Embergher company. In 1902 he obtained a gold medal and in 1912 the second prize in the National Competition of Rome for his plectrum instruments. So you see when master makers have teachers, great results come about.

Francavilla made mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos for Pasquale Pecoraro. in particular the 5 and 5bis models plus violins and guitars. On Youtube there are videos of the 5 and 5bis mandolins. Pecoraro was the greatest pupil of Luigi Embergher.

Francavilla lived on via Sabotino in the Mazzini district. Alberto Moretti, another luthier from Pecoraro workshop and with whom he had shared the apartment with two separate entrances, was on the same floor, at the door next to his.

Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla Luigi Francavilla
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