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Masaru Kohno (Kono)

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650 mm Scale 52 mm Nut Original Bone Nut, New Bone Saddle, Old Bone Saddle included but the treble height is Flamenco Action instead of Traditional Classical Action, therefore it was replaced in our workshop. Fine to Medium grain Spruce Soundboard, High grade Indian Rosewood back and sides. It has 7 Fan Braces and a Bridge Strap and 4 bottom chevrons instead of the normal 2 chevrons. There are Spruce cut kerning bands lining the top and back as they attach to the sides, a real work of art. This comes with the Original Hard Shell Case.

No cracks, Original Untouched French Polish. Original Gears. This was fabricated 4 years before Masaru Kono won the guitar making competition in Liege, Belgium, surpassing 30 other fine guitar makers. In 1959 Masaru Kono spent 6 months in the Archangel Fernandez workshop, observing the masterful skills of the successor to Marcelo Barbero's legacy. Masaru Kono had begun making Classical guitars in 1948, he even saw his advertisements adorn the "Armonia" guitar magazine musical concert review pages when Maria Luisa Anido did a concert tour of Japan in 1953. Guitar Collector extraordinaire, Shel Urlik has a 1963 Kono included in the 1st edition of his book "A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars from Torres to the Present", published in 1997.

Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono) Masaru Kohno (Kono)
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