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Emile Laurent Paris


It has a New End Pin, a New Deluxe Aubert Belgian Style Bridge, a New Sound Post, and a set of Larson strings. This Cello has the F Holes cut in a manner known as the Brescian style, with the slot actually wider on the inside than the outside, being cut at a slant. Emile Laurent II. was born in Mirecourt, France in 1875. He studied with his father, Emile Laurent I; he also worked for Emile Germain. He became established in Bordeaux, joined his brother Albert in Brussels 1912-1924. Then he moved to Paris in 1925. His instruments are highly prized by professional violinists. Emile received numerous attestions for the strong tonal sonority and the homogenous timbre. His inspired modelling and imitations were of the master instruments of Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Seraphino and Guadanini. Very effective oil varnish of different shades. One of his Guadanini copies was cataloged and sold for $400 in the United States in 1930. The biographical information above about the twice award winning violin maker was taken from the Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers by William Henley. Karel Jalovec, in his Encyclopedia of Violin Makers fills in the biography by stating that Emile Laurent II worked as an assistant to Paul Blanchard in Lyons, then Emile Germain in Paris from 1897-1903. Later he worked for F. A. Caressa and Henri Francais in Paris until 1908. During the years 1908-1912 he was the manager for Lyon and Healy in Chicago. Emile Laurent II passed away in 1941.

This Cello is in spectacular condition having been fabricated in Paris in 1936. and is very resonant with a thick tone, lots of volume. It has a beautiful Spruce Soundboard and highly Flamed Maple back, sides, neck and scroll. It retains its Original Oil Varnish and the carving of the Scroll is very complete

Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris Emile Laurent Paris
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