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Victor Audinot Paris


Lob 358 mm. He was born in 1870 in Mirecourt and died in 1943 in Paris. He was a pupil of Francois Chardin (1827-1907) and Telesphore Barbé (1822-1892). Telesphore Barbé was the most important influence as a luthier instructing Victor Audinot, because Telesphore Barbé had worked for Jean Baptiste Vuillaume in Paris from 1853-1875, and was J. B.'s number one worker at that time, making 3 violins per week. I have no doubt that when Vuillaume acquired the "Messiah" Stradivari violin in 1855, Telesphore was the first one in the workshop to see it. I can hear the conversation: "Voici cette violin c'est tres magnifique". (Here is this violin it's very beautiful.) Victor had worked briefly in Mirecourt before establishing himself in Paris on the rue Truffaut in 1913. He retired in 1936. Victor trained five of his six sons and many pupils too. He fabricated very fine copies of individual classical instruments, reproduced in exquisite detail. These include a remarkable copy of the decorated Stradivari violin known as the ‘Sunrise’. Signed internally: ‘Vor Audinot-Mourot et fils / Luthier à Paris / année 19...’ V. Audinot-Mourot & Fils / Luthiers / 30 Rue Truffaut Paris.

One 2 1/2" old repaired crack on the lower treble bout of the soundboard. Very complete scroll, fluted F holes, very sonorous and huge volume.

Victor Audinot  Paris Victor Audinot  Paris Victor Audinot  Paris Victor Audinot  Paris Victor Audinot  Paris Victor Audinot  Paris
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