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Jaime Ribot


652 mm Scale, 52 mm Nut. Fine to medium grain Spruce Soundboard and Rosewood back and sides. All Original French Polish. Five Fan Braces aimed at the 14th fret. Separate pieces attaching the Soundboard to the sides and a single band attaching the back to the sides. This does not have a label, when it arrived at the shop I thought it might be an Ibanez from Valencia, one colleague said: "No, it was made by Jaime Ribot.

5 old repaired cracks below the bridge down to the end block, one of these cracks continues past the bridge up to the bottom of the rosette area, these are seen in the very last photo, there is one crack on the back on the bass side, it is 3 1/4" long and stops at the transverse brace, you can see the dark varnish line over the repair area- visible in the 2nd photo showing the back and in a larger photo of the bak further below in the listing.

From 1888 onward the collaborative efforts of Jaime Ribot along with 2 other guitar makers (One guitar with Alcaniz and two guitars with V. Storch Masseguer) brought him to be a famous Barcelona luthier, he made 3 instruments for Miguel Llobet, among the other great players who utilized their sonorous guitars. Jaime Ribot worked into the 1930's.

These 3 guitars, fabricated by Jaime Ribot for Miguel Llobet, were a part of the collection of 18 guitars ceded to the Museu de la Musica in Barcelona, by Miguelina Llobet in 1953, on behalf of her father. The complete list of 18 guitars is in the Photo Gallery.

Besides the illustrious Miguel Llobet, we find that Emilio Pujol, Domingo Prat,-all three of these being Francisco Tarrega students, played Ribot guitars, we should also add Zaira Negroni as well, she being a Domino Prat student. All five of these guitarists have massive biographies with supporting photographic evidence in my book: Annotations for the History of the Classical Guitar in Argentina 1822-2000, 4 Vols.

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