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1900 Pedro Perez SOLD

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Spruce Soundboard and Bird's Eye Maple back and sides, Original French Polish. 642 mm Scale 50 mm Nut. The Upper Bout is 10 1/8", the Lower Bout is 13 3/8", the sides measure from 3 1/4" on the top to 3 3/8" on the bottom, the length of the body being 18 9/16". This guitar has 7 finely sanded fan braces. The separates kerfing pieces attaching the Soundboard and the back to the sides are placed next to each other, instead of 1/4" inch apart, which is very normal construction in high grade guitars. The handwritten manuscript label text is: Año 1900 Pedro Perez Constructor de Guitarras, Laudes y Bandurrias Barcelona. Miguel Llobet owned a guitar by this maker. His daughter donated 18 guitars to the Museu de la Música de Barcelona in 1953, one being a Pedro Perez. In the list of the 18 guitars the Pedro Perez is guitar number 11. This list is from page 101 of my colleague's book "La Guitarra en Cataluña, 1769-1939" by Josep Maria Mangado Artigas, published in London by Dr. Brian Jeffery in 1998, Tecla 375.

I have added a photo from the Museu de Musica web site in Barcelona, verifying that the label on my Perez has the same manuscript label as Llobet's.

List of Miguel Llobet’s Guitars donated to the Museu de Musica in Barcelona by his daughter in 1953.

1.1783 Joseph Benedid, Cadiz
2.1797 Juan Pages, Cadiz
3.1824 Jose Recio, Cadiz
4.1841 Francisco Pages, Havana, Cuba
5.1859 Antonio de Torres, Seville
6.1862 Antonio de Torres, Seville
7.Pedro Pages, Cadiz 19th century
8.Pablo Hierro, Tortosa, Catalonia, Spain 19th century
9.Altamira, Barcelona 19th century
10.Francisco España, Barcelona circa 1850
11.Pedro Perez, Barcelona 19th century
12.Ribot y Alcañiz, Barcelona 19th century
13.1920 J. Ribot and V. Storch Massaguer, Barcelona
14.1920 J. Ribot and V. Storch Massaguer, Barcelona
15.Unlabelled French 19th century
16.Unlabelled Barcelona circa 1900
17.1921 Alfred Schmid, Munich
18.1930 American Conservatory, Chicago

1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD 1900 Pedro Perez SOLD
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