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Paul Blanchard Lyon


Lob 358 mm. This 3rd generation violin maker was born in 1851 in Mirecourt and died in 1912 in Lyon, France. Grandson of François Blanchard, Apprenticed to Auguste Darte from 1865. Subsequently worked for Daniel in Marseilles and Silvestre in Lyon. Established own workshop in Lyon in 1870. Awarded medals at several Exhibitions. - 1889, Silver medal. Paris. Exposition Universelle.- 1894, Grand Prix. Lyon, Exposition Universelle, International, Coloniale.- 1900, Gold medal. Paris. Exposition Universelle. Appointed luthier to the Lyon Conservatoire, theatres, and orchestra. Highly esteemed and productive maker; employed several assistants, who became known later in their own right . Stradivari and Guarneri models with fine clear golden-red oil varnish. Cheaper quality instruments all of consistently good finish, but with pale gold varnish, made by employees in the workshop. Fait par Paul Blanchard / à Lyon en 1887, No. 137. This violin is labeled: Fait dans l’Atelier, that means it's a workshop violin supervised by Paul. This violin was more than likely made by Georges Cone and other luthiers that may have been involved as well who worked for Paul in that year, Paul Blanchard’s workshop instruments are not branded or numbered, but signed on the inside table. The label carried merely the date.

2 very old repaired cracks in the top.

Paul Blanchard    Lyon Paul Blanchard    Lyon Paul Blanchard    Lyon Paul Blanchard    Lyon Paul Blanchard    Lyon Paul Blanchard    Lyon
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