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Madrid Guitar and String Makers in 1861

by: Randy Osborne - Published 08/14/2023 12:00 AM and updated 08/14/2023 2:07 PM

Since the beginning of lutherie in Madrid hundreds of years ago, at least 315 guitar makers had shops there, some were blocks away from their competitors some were right next door or just further down the block.

In the latter half of the 19th century, in 1861 there were 3 string makers and 9 guitar makers in the city of Madrid. The population at this time was about 300,000.

The Guitar String Makers were:

Blas Lopez at calle Ribera de Curtidores, 13, 

and across the street was:

Eladio Verdi at calle Ribera de Curtidores, 14

Julian Alvarez at calle Ventosa, 10.

The Guitar and Bandurria Makers were: 

Felix Rogero (1826-) at calle Bastero, 3

Benito Campo (1798-1857) at calle Cadiz, 16 the word Guitarreria means guitar store, indicating possibly used as well as new instruments for sale, and accessories


Benito Jorge (1820-) workshop for fabrication of guitars and bass strings for them at calle Cava baja, 24, decades later this location would become the site for the Manuel Ramirez workshop until 1905.

Gregorio Carracedo (1790-) at calle Cruz, 42 This maker in 1847 made 2 rosewood back and sides guitars that the virtuoso guitarist Trinidad Huerta used in a concert in Madrid. Gregorio Carracedo had been in his own workshop making instruments since about 1820.

Pedro Fernandez (1831-) at calle San Dimaso, 5 

Jose Measegoro at calle San Millan, 4 


Manuel Nieto (1805-1872) at calle Santa Isabel, 14, decades later Vicente Arias would be located on the same street calle Santa Isabel, 20, after his relocation from Ciudad Real

José Menendez at calle Toledo 30 


Francisco Gonzalez (1820-1879) at calle Toledo 40 in front of the San Isidro de Real church.

An extended look at this last maker was included:

"In this establishment the public will find an abundant supply of guitars constructed of greater volume and today's taste, among them you will find qualified works distinguished by the intelligence, which have deserved their approval. In respect to the forms and voices there are those that are different, believing the owner will have arrived to know that they haven't been available until today, according to as it has demonstrated with the obtained results in the practice sessions publicly verified by distinguished professors, and by the spontaneous testimonials, that have been dispensed in the daily newspapers, as well as by the works presented in the Exposition. This is a workshop and warehouse of guitars of different prices; from 20 reals all the way to 10,000.





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