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Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and the demographics of the World at that time

by: Randy Osborne - Published 02/01/2024 1:43 PM

Here's what I learned about Jesus on Saturday night, January 27, 2024, the demographics of where he lived.


Population of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus was 20,000. 


500 people saw him when he came back one out of every 40 people in that city saw him


The population of the Roman empire then was 45 million or 15% of the population of the Earth. 


2 1/2% of the population of Jerusalem saw Jesus after he came back that's a lot of people.


On Wikipedia, it says between 150 million and 300,000,000 people were alive when Jesus was alive around the world so that we now have 48 to 24 times that population on the planet respectively.

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