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Guitar with a Double top declared a “new invention “ on January 26, 1838

by: Randy Osborne - Published 06/13/2024 11:42 AM and updated 06/13/2024 12:12 PM


This is from: "Diario mercantil de Valencia January 26, 1838 page 4.

"Guitars of new invention, which consist of two harmonic tops,

and the fingerboard is carved in such a way that it is played very

smoothly. Its construction makes it produce the voices of a piano,

and the trebles in particular are

equal to any piano with good voices, which

until now have not been known to have guitars

of such superior qualities. These have been

suggested and approved in the highest degree by the

professor of said instrument, Mr. Jose Rolly,

the same who has confessed to finding them superior to those he has seen in Paris. Its author Luis

Reig lives at Calle de la Bolseria No. 8 old

and 25 modern, where they are for sale"


Original Spanish text:

"Guitarras de nueva invencion, las que constan

de dos tapas armonicas, y el diapason labrado

de manera, que se ejecuta con mucha

suavidad. Su construccion la hace producir las

voces de un piano, y los tiples en particular son

iguales a todo piano de buenas voces, la que

hasta el dia no se han conocido haya guitarras

de tan superiores cualidades. Dichas han sido

insinuadas y aprobadas en sumo grado por el

profesor de dicho instrumento Don Jose Rolly,

el mismo que ha confesado encontrarlas supe-

riores a las que ha visto en Paris. Su autor Luis

Reig vive calle de la Bolseria num. 8 antiguo

y 25 moderno, donde se hallan de venta."


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