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French Guitarist plays non stop for 60 hours

From "La Correspondencia de España" February 10, 1897

by: Randy Osborne - Published 10/25/2023 4:19 PM

This event took place on July 2, 1896 and was reported on August 7, 1896 in the newspaper:  "L'Indépendant des Basses-Pyrénées" in France, then later in the Spanish press.

A Good Record     "Buen Record"

There are some that are more extravagant, and one of these is what happened a few days ago at the Bufos theater in Bordeaux, where it was announced, through pompous posters widely distributed among the population, that the maestro Taddey would play the guitar for 60 hours.

The tireless player, in order to get away, had his temples moistened from time to time with a sponge, which was handled by six boys who were replaced every five hours.

In order not to waste a single moment, the guitarist had a bell under his foot that was used to call the waiter in charge of providing him with a glass of ice water. This is as far as the drink is concerned, as for the food, this was done every twelve minutes, in which there was a ten minute rest.

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