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Francisco Tarrega plays a Soto y Solares Guitar in Concert in Seville on May 16, 1895

by: Randy Osborne - Published 04/04/2024 1:18 PM and updated 04/08/2024 11:01 AM

From the daily newspaper "El Noticero Sevillano" of Friday,  May, 17, 1895 Año III No. 778.


"The eminent guitarist Mr. Francisco Tárrega gave a concert last night that all the fans who attended will keep fond memories of. The room was completely occupied, and occupied by true virtuosi with fine palates, who appreciated the work of the Spanish guitarist at its proper value. It is no small triumph to seize, for more than two hours, the attention of a large audience, to make them feel and captivate them in such a way that they did not realize what is happening in the outside world around them. Tárrega achieved this, and he achieved it, performing a chosen program, solidly, of true music, without resorting to musical numbers of those that excite, drawing applause from light and unconscious audiences.


The program was made up of a Neapolitan song, by Verdi, a romance by Mendelsson, the serenata Granada, by Albeníz, the tremolo by Gottschalk and a Spanish fantasy composed by Tárrega himself, which was highly applauded. After each number the applause was many and unanimous and at the end of the study by Gottschalk, with such characters of affectionate enthusiasm, that the applauded concert pianist, to reciprocate in some way, admirably played the "Umbrella duet" (dúo de los paraguas). 


The Spanish fantasy excited again. The clear and meticulous diction, the cantabile highlighted with exquisite delicacy, the instrumentation of the entire piece, done with inimitable taste and propriety, drew new applause. A real ovation. 


A ballad, by Albeniz, a minuetto, by Bolzoni, the funeral march, by Thalberg, some Variations on a theme by Paganini and some national airs (these are Flamenco pieces), by Tárrega, these last two numbers formed the second part of the program, with delight heard and with equal fervor applauded that the first one, a theme by Paganini was an enchantment.


Tárrega was not satisfied with this and ended the musical session with a whim of his admirably executed, which received the last applause of the night, surely not all that the concert attendees would have given him, even if there were many.


The guitars that Tárregja used in it were certainly a gift from the manufacturer Mr. Manuel Soto y Solares, one of his most fervent admirers.


The Spanish guitarist is now leaving for London where he is contracted to give a series of concerts during the summer season."


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