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Francisco Gonzalez and Antonio Carracedo win awards for their guitars in 1873

Exposition Nacional de Madrid

by: Randy Osborne - Published 10/11/2023 3:13 PM

In the "Gaceta de los caminos de hierro" on May 17, 1874 on pages 7 and 8 is the listing of many entrants who were awarded in all categories of fabrication of works produced and entered in 1873.


Francisco Gonzalez was awarded a Medallion of Copper for 3 Guitars and a Bandurria he entered.


Antonio Carracedo was awarded an Honorable Mention for a very ornate Bandurria and a Guitar entered.


(Editor's note: Antonio Carracedo's (1831-) father, Gregorio Alvarez Carracedo (1790-), made 2 rosewood guitars that were played in a Madrid concert by Trinitario Huerta (1800-1874) in 1847, he had been making guitars over 25 years. One year later, in 1848, Francisco Gonzalez (1820-1879) moved into a shop just down the street from Gregorio Carracedo on calle de la Cruz.)


In the daily "El Imparcial" (Madrid. 1867) February 4, 1873 page 4 we find the workshop address of Antonio Carracedo in an article on Bandurrias. It was: calle del Duque de Alba, núm. 4, Madrid.


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