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Bandurria, Lauds Instruments and Method books in 1873

by: Randy Osborne - Published 10/23/2023 1:12 PM

In the daily "El Imparcial" (Madrid. 1867) February 4, 1873 page 4:


and other plucked instruments.

Easy and progressive method to play the

Bandurria, Octavilla and the laud-lyre

by a new system that provides

more advantages for execution and brilliance

of all kinds of pieces in these popular

instruments, in a short time and

more easily than by ordinary methods

known until today, by the small

novelty that its author introduces,

Tomás Damas, Spanish guitarist, both

in the way of tuning them, as in the

construction of the Bandurria, which without altering

in no way its current form, according to

explains in the method, gains not only in

softness of touch, but its sounds

It seems like a small harp.

The new laud-lyra has, like the bandurria,

six double strings and it is tuned the same

according to the model of the method, and it is

a surprising effect due to its pretty figure

and special sound timbre. It is built

in the guitar work shop of the accredited craftsman

Antonio Carracedo, Calle del Duque

de Alba, no. 4, Madrid. This method

It is written by music and by number (tablature)

compared to the reach of all levels,

by the Spanish guitarist and teacher

honorary from the Escuela Nacional de

música Tomas Damas.—The price of it

completed work, recorded, with good paper

and color cover, with 4 pages of

large size, it will be 24 rs., and for deliveries

at 40 rs. each. For Overseas and

the foreign destinations 56 rs. the work completed

24 each delivery. The orders, 

shipping, to the administrator of the publication

and of the commerce of this area Antonio

Rovira, calle Real de Francia, number, B, in

easy collection letters or in stamps, sending

two more for each copy or delivery that

requested.—To builders who wish a

template of the reformed bandurria, 

we will send it by paying 4 rs.

Antonio Carracedo was awarded an Honorable Mention for a very ornate Bandurria and a Guitar entered in 1873.

25 years ago I told all clients when talking about Bandurrias or Lauds in stock, that, even in Granada or Madrid in the 1960-1970's all guitar makers would make these instruments in their workshops, but later, say, 1980, these instruments were made in Valencia only.

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