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1878 Francisco Tarrega Concert in Barcelona.

Francisco Tarrega Concert tickets available at Agustin Altimira

by: Randy Osborne - Published 04/07/2023 9:30 PM and updated 08/04/2023 3:47 PM

The daily newspaper "La Imprenta": diario de avisos, noticias y decretos: Año 1878, No. 302 (8 nov. 1878) Ed. Tarde announced on Friday November 8th, 1878 that on Saturday November 9, 1878, Francisco Tarrega would perform at the Casino Universal, in Barcelona.

The Daily Newspaper "Crónica de Cataluña" (Ed. de la tarde). 8/11/1878 also announced the concert to be held the following day.

My colleague, David Buch, a classical guitar historian, says this concert is the earliest known Francisco Tarrega concert known at this time.


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